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Vacation Mode: Out of Office

It's that time of the year again, when family & friends zip up their suitcases and head to the airport for their Holiday vacation. Since we at HerStyle Boutique pride ourselves on fabulous resort and pool attire, I thought this time around I should share my favorite fashion outfit planning tips when I'm prepping for a getaway.

A Theme, A Look:

Once the location is secured and finalized, I then start to envision the aesthetic I want to target through my wardrobe. Depending on my current mood and budget, I decide the main color story I would like to stick with and theme that compliments the overall vibe for the vacation selections. Now, this may seem a bit dramatic and over-thought but I assure you then what keeps your outfits from looking "all over the place" chile. The goal is have the outfit look effortless, but in actuality there is an entire story being told with each social media post.

My last vacation was in Cancun, and I wanted to be more playful with patterns and textures but with a touch of glam-sophistication, get me? I was packing for warmer weather so I was thinking "comfortable is a must, but make it chic". I chose most of my resort items thinking "feminine, flowy, and fun!" with shades of pinks and cut-out mid sections. The picture below is actually a resort set from our 'Island Lover' collection. This was the perfect day outfit to showcase how sexy and girly I feeling that day.

Since it is the Holiday season and I am in a giving mood, I have created a mini outfit checklist to help you plan your vacation slay!

  • Choose your vacation style personality (e.g bohemian, classic, ultra-feminine, minimalist)

  • Set a budget (you can't have champagne taste on a beer budget).

  • Select a color palette that coordinates with your theme.

  • Start a 'loved' wishlist for every retail store you plan on shopping with, or stack items in your cart. (This way it's easier to track and not forget items you want)

  • Look for transitional items as well (this is key, sometimes you're having so much fun on vacation your day becomes your night)

  • Have Fun! The idea of a vacation is to be relaxed, so don't stress yourself over what to wear, just

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